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Why Choose ECG

Real world experience and a dedication to excellence is what separates ECG trainers from all others.The ECG team consists of highly accomplished leaders and trainers in law enforcement and the medical professions. Our subject matter experts are experienced facilitators and have provided training curriculums to Fortune 500 companies in the airline, insurance, life science fields, both public and private universities as well as major police departments, hospitals and convention centers. Members of the ECG team have also developed research-based curriculums used statewide in Massachusetts for recruit, veteran and reserve police officers standardized programs. 

Crisis Intervention Training / De-escalation Training

Communication is essential for the success of any organization. When we listen to understand others, it makes people feel valued for who they are as a person and what they believe. Our focus in any conversation is to listen so that we can understand first and then respond. If you are interested in learning more about conflict resolution / de-escalation training please contact us. We would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to put a training session together that meets your organizations needs.

Communication Strategies For Airline Professionals

Unruly passenger incidents will unfortunately continue to happen in our airports and on our aircraft. The communication strategies covered in this course are designed to EMPOWER airline professionals with REAL skills and awareness to manage difficult situations while remaining safe and facilitating the de-escalation of a guest’s behavior when in crisis, ultimately avoiding conflict. The course covers strategies in identifying and understanding:


  1. Guest Service Crisis 

  2. Human Factors (Identifying and understanding human emotions)

  3. The Emotional Intersection

  4. Stress and the communication process

  5. Establishing an effective communication climate utilizing the L.O.U.D.E.R. concept

  6. Crafting the response

  7. The strategic mindset

  8. Situational awareness


This training incorporates lecture, video analysis of real incidents and practical skills application (Role playing). Real training for real challenges! 

Realistic Personal Awareness and Protection For Airline Professionals

According to the FAA, unruly passenger incidents in 2021 reached 5,981 documented incidents. The ability to identify an assault prior to occurrence is paramount to airline personnel safety. Our program stresses identifying and recognizing danger indicators before an assault occurs allowing airline professionals an opportunity to neutralize a stressful and volatile situation and remain safe using their communication skills. Should a situation escalate and become physical our course prioritizes the concepts of teamwork, strength in numbers, use of distance, and controlling time and space to contain an unruly guest that becomes highly charged, emotional and assaultive. 

Safety Awareness and Active Shooter / Active Assailant Readiness Training

Active shooter events occur from time to time. These events unfortunately will continue to happen in our society. The importance of being prepared is essential to survive an active shooter event. These events leave both physical and emotional trauma. We offer readiness training for businesses, places of worship and public organizations. We would love the opportunity to hear from you and put together a readiness training program that fits the needs of your organization. If you are interested in learning more about this training please contact us.

Policy and Procedure Development

When we go on a trip especially to a destination we have never been before we use a map for guidance. Policies and procedures is a roadmap for the day to day operations of any organization. It provides guidance, consistency, efficiency and directions to follow. It also ensures compliance with laws and regulations. Our team of professionals have over 20 years of experience writing policy and procedures. We offer this service to both the public sector and private sector. If you are interested in learning more about this service please contact us. We would love the opportunity to hear from you.

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